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It’s been awhile.

I’m in a new city, with new faces, new chances… but I am not new, I’m the same and I always will be.

There’s a man sleeping next to me; he’s good, he’s kind, he’s what I need. He is, of course, too good for me.

I want to say I love him but I don’t. I could love him. I should love him. Maybe I will.

I don’t love him [yet] but I never want him to leave. I don’t sleep with him next to me because I need to remember every moment before he leaves.

I dab lavender oil behind his ears; there is an important moon tonight and while he worries I might turn him into a toad, I just need him to sleep.

When reality becomes better than your dreams, all your dreams turn to nightmares.

[He says I’m good for him, I bring him out of his comfort zone… when all is said and done, he won’t need me anymore.

I doubt he realizes that you have to be poisoned before you can recover.]