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“She feels a little empty now,
Maybe a little cracked,
A little numb…”

I got tired of the old Queen of Roses, so I cut her face out of those old photographs and pasted mine in their places.

People change. No cure for that, but have you ever felt like you’re just repeating yourself over and over again, and you never change? Don’t try to change things, it just makes it worse when you realize nothing still is happening differently. Life is like a matchbox; can catch on fire easily, but just as easily remain the same, gathering dust in the junk drawer underneath a pile of old party invitations.
I get the feeling I should have said something else, something sane , something normal, but I’ve always been a little crazy. Change won’t make that disappear.

Crazy is a relative term, and pain with no hope is as close as it’ll get. But it’s always worth the wait to sleep and dream. Because who know what you’ll dream, and where it will take you?